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Posted by : Bayu AfrizatuL Rizky Selasa, 05 Maret 2013

Today Lauching my auto liker machine (website auto liker) Status Facebook. Gain Free Likes on your Status/Photo/Link/etc. This machine will not spamming your account (100% handled by. Me) Guarantee. If you want more like? Share this site to your Friend. More User = More Likes !

Tutorial :
  1. Your Birthday should more then 18 years old
    If no yet: Edit your account click here
  2. Now Activate your subscribe button on your timeline
    To activate: click here
  3. Go to Siky Auto Liker Machine: www.siky-likerz.net
  4. Hit "Get Access Token" button >> Allow aplication
  5. Copy your access token (on adress bar)
    Example: http://m.facebook.com/#access_token=AAAAAC3zphqEBAEZA53K2ZCOaviYyabxq2pqHwfp6ZB127zl6Q8hPgK0Ppxl90DgMlb8MSje5nSB5GoNdO27jsb4wjhetCffLvwLSJhJ0AZDZD&expires_in=0 (Red color is the example Access Token)
  6. Paste Your Access Token on the form input then click "Submit" button
  7. Now Copy your status/photo/link/etc ID
    Example: http://www.facebook.com/prnma.ysa/posts/479547522094843 (Red color is an Example My Facebook Status ID ^_^)
  8. Paste it then Hit "Auto Like" button, see the Magic .. 
  9. Now Hit Like and Follow button (Apreciating Me), and Enjoy !!
Have Proble? Leave me a comment ...
By. Siky Hackerz

NB: I will Banned your Faceboon Account ID, If you Abuse My Tool ... !!!!!

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